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Nicole & Justin, Kemper Museum

One of the phrases I hear most shooting weddings is, “I just want to get married already!”. There is so much planning that goes into the details of the day, that by the time it is here  you can feel exhausted. No day ever goes perfectly, but in the end it turns out perfect. We were with Nicole and Justin from nearly the start of their day to the end of the reception and they beamed love from the moment they saw each other. All the troubles and worries of from the morning melted away as they vowed to grow old together. Nicole is a planner, my most thoughtful bride who was so together and prepared. They knew what they wanted and trusting me with their images was on that list. They requested something more couples are wanting, Mike to shoot his black and white documentary style at the reception. We love it when couples ask for this, it shows such a raw and real side to a wedding day. Nicole and Justin planned such an  elegant affair that was held at Kemper Museum on a super hot day in June.  Telling their story is such an honor, I hope you love these images as much as I loved taking them.

I’m booking 2017 and 2018 bride and grooms! I love to work with people who are looking forward to their marriage, and not just their wedding date. Who cherish memories and know that photography is such an important piece to your wedding. This is the start of your family history, and I want to get all those emotions that tell the story of your love! Please email me at info@rachaelruffin.com


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Wendi Matt - October 21, 2016 - 12:01 am

These are beautiful. I especially love the one of the bride crying. I also love the black and whites! What a gorgeous venue!

Bobbi-jo - October 21, 2016 - 12:48 am

Wow that is such a cool venue for a wedding!

Alyssa - October 21, 2016 - 2:40 pm

Beautiful share! I love the one of her crying. <3

Nicole Sanchez - October 21, 2016 - 3:05 pm

You’ve captured such beautiful emotion. What a lovely wedding!

Nafa - October 22, 2016 - 4:25 pm

Lovely images.. The outdoor shots are amazing!Blushing bride!

Susy Martinez - November 2, 2016 - 7:32 am

Wow what a gorgeous bride and beautiful wedding. You did an amazing job capturing the best day of this couple’s life.


Kyle, Park Hill Senior Photographer

When I was 15 years old, my 2nd brother entered my life. My grandfather brought my other brother and I to the hospital to met him for the first time. His screams filled the maternity ward, and it was my first memory of being a teenage big sister to a newborn baby. It should have told me I was in for a ride with this kid.

Kyle idolized our brother Jamey, and did everything “Mamy” did. He wore football  and basketball outfits 24/7.  His favorite things were playing ball, and watching his brother play sports. It wasn’t a surprise that he grew up to be such an athletic guy, getting a football scholarship as a wide receiver.

Often, I was mistaken for his mother. It was really hard to go places with him and get strange glances from onlookers, wondering if that teenage girl was his mother. Embarrassing. But embarrassing as it could be at times, having two brothers who are over a decade younger than me taught me how to be a mother. I had knowledge that so many other girls didn’t have the privilege of learning in high school. You can carry a fake baby around all day long, but the real deal is mind blowing.

He became an uncle at 7 years old (my brother Korbin was 4!!!). I have a picture of them meeting Adelai for the first time. He has the biggest smile on his face. He loves his nieces and nephews, they never were a burden to him, he didn’t care that they sometimes stole the show. Most kids his age would be annoyed with children ranging from a baby under 1 to 11 years old. I feel as though I returned the favor, and taught him how to be around young children early on. Not very many teenage boys could handle 4 kids jumping on him and making fun of his “man bun” all the time.:)

He graduated from Parkville High School last May, class of 2016. It made me feel old, knowing he watch me graduate 17 years ago!

I know he has great things ahead of him.




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Senior Photography Loose Park

Jordan was a 2016 St. Pius X in the Kansas City northland graduate. We did a mini session in Loose Park, I love the different selection of areas; bridges, rose garden, trees & so much beautiful nature!
I have started to pick back up on Senior photography, email me at info@rachaelruffin.com and ask about my special Iconic KC sites package for Seniors!
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Best Kansas City Wedding Photographer

It’s almost the big day…

like what you see? email us on our $1800 wedding offer……



You have planned it all, every dazzling detail…kansas-city-wedding-photographer

Amazing views…

Slipping into that perfect dress…


Bouquets that should last forever….


Starting to anticipate that very moment you;


See the first man you ever loved…kansas-city-wedding-photographer-16

Seeing your soon to be spouse for the first time on your big day…


Last quiet moments before that long walk…


Holding your beloved for *the* kiss…


Relief, joy, & ready to have a great time…
kansas-city-best-wedding-photographer-12Surrounded by only the best people in the world…



Laughter that fills the room, brings you to tears…


Picking the perfect song for the first dance…



Perfect center pieces…


A beyond beautiful day…


That cake you searched for…


Conquering the bouquet toss..

Celebration, drinks & dancing….





And finally moments of your very own…







We love seeing people in love. It is our honor to help you celebrate your day. Let us make it sparkle.
Are we the photographers for you? Email us!……




Royal Newborn Photography Session

Peek-a-boo! Big sis wants you to click “read more” and see some adorable newborn pictures of her brand new little brother.

I’ve been so fortunate to photograph this family from their engagement to present day. Part of the joy of being a photographer is being able to follow families as they change and grow throughout the years.

Welcome to the world, Macoy!!



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