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Why are engagement sessions important?

Met Maddie and Joel. We first met over coffee and Mildred’s on a cold and rainy day several months ago. When they spoke of their wedding plans, they excitedly talked about ideas for their big day. When I asked about an engagement session, neither one seemed to think it was that important,  “We don’t need […]

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Engagement Photography Kansas City Missouri

While we chatted over drinks, Janelle boasted about how proud she was of her relationship with Mike. She talked me about how in the beginning she, “did all the work” to get the relationship going. Janelle smiled as she told me about their life together, and Mike just sat quietly and took her in. Like […]

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Best Kansas City Wedding Photographer

It’s almost the big day… like what you see? email us on our $1800 wedding offer……   You have planned it all, every dazzling detail… Amazing views… Slipping into that perfect dress… Bouquets that should last forever…. Starting to anticipate that very moment you; See the first man you ever loved… Seeing your soon to […]

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