Rachael Ruffin

Hailing from Kansas City, I live with my family the heart of the city and absolutely love it. We are blocks away from so much culture, taking time to picnic at the Nelson on the lawn, checking out the gardens at Kauffman Gardens, or just walking around our historic neighborhood.

I got my start young setting up tiny photoshoots of my younger brothers. I remember that anticipation waiting for the film to develop, always checking off the box for doubles. It was important to me to show and share my work.

The internet actually pushed me into this job. I had a journal style blog and everyone always asked me, “What type of camera do you have, it takes GREAT pictures!” It was a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot. I started thinking that my love for making images may be a career path. I was a photojournalism major who never graduated, stay at home mom to one (at the time) child. I didn’t know where this was taking me.

9 years later, here we are. I am a classic tomboy who fell in love with her best friend drinking cheap beers in a cheap third floor apartment on the East side of town. I had to talk him into shooting weddings with me. A commercial shooter, he usually works for companies making their annual reviews. Shooting for Ink Magazine or doing his classic black and white photo booths.  Being color blind makes this job challenging for Mike, and he is an amazing inspiration for me. We had our first child, a boy, Matthew Gray, October of 2015. Our children provide us with endless entertainment and keep us running 24/7. Our family is the heart of our business, we talk about them constantly with no apologies.

We shoot weddings with the idea of the very start of your documentation of your family together. This isn’t just a wedding, it is the start of a marriage. Your family history is so important to us, we want to capture all the emotions of your day for your younger generations to look back on.




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